Student Testimonials

To enlighten his path, what the student needs is a guide, an initiator, a “little maestro” who gives him confidence and establishes with him a unique relationship that opens hearts and souls from both sides. Raphaëlle was that light in the night of my thirties. Her smile encouraged me to get back in touch with the most essential part of my inner self, and to express my gratitude to her I can only use Albert Camus’s words: “Even the most gifted ones need an initiator. Life puts him on their path one day, and he must be forever loved and respected.”
Marielle, Belgium

Raphaelle Brochet teaches an entirely different tradition of singing than I’ve ever studied. I’ve studied with jazz, pop, classical teachers and vocal therapists and studying Carnatic music with Raphaelle did more for my ear training, vocal control and vocal health than any of them. Raphaelle is not only a talented and inspiring singer, but her skills transfer perfectly into her teaching techniques. I always looked forward to our sessions together, she’s a personable and inspiring person to learn from. I look forward to the next one.
Molly Sweeney, Montreal

‘As artists you seek for inspiration. You learn from your surroundings, the people around you and soak in all that experience and implement what you can. Raphaelle Brochet packed with an undeniable talent for improvisation and amazing personality to go with it can inspire you to do so much. As an educator you see how she brings out the best in you. With her dedication towards the art she inspires you to do even more. As Rita Pierson would say, ‘Every child deserves a champion – an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.’
Sherry Mathews, New Delhi

‘Learning from Raphaelle was a very exciting and fun process which also included a lot of learning. When I started learning from her I was merely a beginner who had no clue about anything musically, now I now quite a few things and the way I learnt them was extraordinary.’
Lokaa Krishna, Age 11, Chennai