Born to musician parents, Raphaëlle grew up in surrounded by jazz, destined to be an artist. She started her career at the age of 17 by recording an album with Floris Nico-Bunink (Mingus, Billy Holliday) under the label Daybreak.

After intense training in the Conservatory in France in music and dance, and after graduating in Jazz Performance from the Nantes Conservatory, she received a full scholarship from Wesleyan University and learned from renown master of Carnatic music, Taiko, Balinese dance and gamelan, Ghanian dance, along with the classes of Anthony Braxton. She then got a Master of Ethnomusicology, graduating from one of the most renown Universities of the world.

Her studies began at the Poitiers Conservatory in France where she studied the piano for three years. She then went to further her education in Jazz Performance studies in France (Niort Conservatory, Strasbourg Conservatory, Paris XI Conservatory and Nantes Conservatory) and in Canada (University of Montreal) for 7 years after. She graduated from Nantes Conservatory in Jazz Performance in 2006.

Her knowledge of different styles and genres all feed into her improvisation lending to her unique personality on stage.